Starting a new business and self-employed occupation -

new and important forms of employment for persons educated at a university

A new way of thinking has arisen at German Universities. The wish of business independence has spread amongst the teaching profession, the researchers and administration. Starting at the beginning of the 90's, the structures of the German economy and the employment market had gone through significant changes. The structural changes brought about by the worldwide increase in the globalization of the markets, the fast technical advancements, as well as the moving of parts of businesses out of the country, has created a fertile ground for innovative businesses.

Many graduates start to find their way around their field of work by signing contracts of manufacture for existing businesses; to them, founding a business of their own or becoming self - employed becomes a promising perspective. The income is ensured through a self - employed occupation and innovative business ideas are successfully brought into a willing market.

Thanks to various initiatives and programs, the climate for the founding of a business at the University of Bielefeld has become very friendly. The offer of the "Bielefelder Unternehmens-schmiede" now has an exemplary character for universities in all of Europe. In the frame of the EU project "USINE"  (University Start - Up of International Entrepreneurs), the "Unternehmens-schmiede" will now be applied at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and the Universidad Politècnica de Valencia. From a group of 72 applications, USINE was praised as an European project with "lighthouse character" and placed on 1st place by an expert commission of the EU Commission. Cooperating in this project are representatives from Spain, France, Great Britain, Israel, Germany and Poland.